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To inculcate the sense of responsibility self-confidence, belongingness and to create a harmony among the pupil.We at BGSWS formulated House System depicting the names of Pancha Mahabuta (Five physical elements ) Pruthvi,Varuna, Agni,Vaayu,Akasha.

Shloka of Pancha Mahabuta

Tasmadva Etasmadatmana Akasah

Sambhutah Akasadvayuh|Vayoragnih|Agnerapah|

Adbhayah prithvi|Prithvya osadhayah|

Osadhibhyoasnnam|Annat purusah||

Source: Yajur Vedah,Taittiriyopanisad,Brahmananda vallo,

Anuvakah 1(Vedic Period)

Meaning: From that Atman(Supreme soul)space came into being, from apace wind, from wind fire, from fire water, from water earth, from earth plants, from plants food, from food man.      

House Colour Colour Symbolises House Name Name Symbolises
Green The colour green symbolizes the colour of life, nature and energy. It is associated with ambition, growth, harmony, freshness, safety and environment.


The name itself symbolizes the mother earth. Pruthvi is the first of the five elements, the planet on which we live. They are the team who are very strong and courageous to face challenges and they are the bundle of wisdom.
Yellow This colour symbolizes sunshine, Hope and happiness. It stands for freshness, positivity,  optimism, enlightment, loyalty and intellect Generous
Varuna is the vedic diety associated first with sky later with water. Like harmony and the integrity of truth. They are the people with positivity, hope and loyalty.
Red Red is a colour of blood and fire. It is associated with meaning of leadership, strength, courage, will power, vigor, vibrance, radiance and determination. Radiant
Agni is the Hindu God of fire. They are regarded as the friend and the protector of humanity. They safeguard and knows the thoughts of all people.
Orange Orange combines the energy of red and happiness of yellow it stands for encouragement fun success stimulation element of stability wisdom growth and prosperity. Creative
Vaayu is the primary Hindu deity, the lord of wind and the power of Bheema. They are the one who spread joy and happiness everywhere. Their creativity always leads to success.
Blue Blue seeks peace and tranquility and promotes physical and mental relaxation. The color blue reduces stress and creates a sense of calmness, relaxation and order. Try and lie on your back and look up at the blue cloudless sky. Peaceful Peaceful
Akasha means the basis and essence of all things in the natural world. It gives endless space and makes room for existence of all.