Reinforcing The Positive

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We need to frequently observe, encourage and reward children’s disciplined behavior. Reinforcement is a strategy that is effective across a wide array of behaviors and contexts and should be used frequently! Reinforcement can be used for any positive behaviors that you want to see more often. Differential attention is a great way to replace mild negative behaviors such as whining and complaining with appropriate behaviors such as persistence and independence. A more formal reinforcement system can be used for behaviors that are more difficult to change.The following is a list of attributes which would be kept in mind for the assessment of ‘Positive Learning Behavior’.

Positive Attributes which must be appreciated whole-heartedly in our students

Language Protection
. Respect for Elders
. Cleanliness
. Uniform Turnout
. Compatibility With Peer Group
Shouldering Responsibility
Leadership Qualities
. Empathy Towards Others
. Obeying School Rules And Regulations
. Punctuality