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“The one who plants and the one who waters, work as team with the same purpose”.

Today’s education not only demands the best curricular and co-curricular activities, it demands for the best safety practices for students. We at BGSWS, prioritize the safety of our students as our top aim, and thus creating a home away from home for them is our constant endeavor. We are entrusted by our parents as secondary care takers and doing justice to the huge trust they have placed on us, is not only our focus, but becomes our primary responsibility. Where a responsibility is realized and shared by all, duties and work do not seem huge. Our team is big and varied but our goals are same – Safety And Quality Education.

The use of CCTV (surveillance cameras)

CCTV cameras within the school premises at appropriate and key places ensures the safety of our pupil and monitor activities throughout working hours of the school.For eg. In each class rooms, playground, at every floor, Library, auditorium, at all exit and entry points and computer labs.
We have dedicated staff reporting for the morning duty, exclusively to monitor safety of students who arrive school at early hours. (before commencement of actual school time). These teachers take care of those students until the arrival of the respective teachers of the classes.
All teachers report the school few minutes earlier than the students.

Cultivate The Habit Of Caution :
Teachers give personal attention during short break and lunch break to inculcate healthy eating habits and table manners.
Corridors are monitored by Physical Instructors and coordinators to ensure discipline and safety of the students during departure.

School Bus- Safety Rules :
School bus is undoubtedly the most convenient means of student transportation. At BGS World School, following measures are taken to ensure safety of each child.

All buses are installed with GPS, CCTV cameras and Governors (to control the speed limit). Specially installed cameras in our buses ensure that activities in the bus are monitored and recorded for the safety even outside the school premises, until students are safely handed over.
Timely workshop (training) is given to drivers, maids and security personals to maintain security at their level.
At the time of dispersal teachers have been given responsibility to accompany their students to the bus-bay.

Parents Pickup -
Parents pickup / private-van is also monitored . At the beginning of the year, class teachers collects the information about the students who are parents’ pick-up or goes by private-van.
If parent cannot come to pick up their ward, a diary note or SMS is send authorizing another person to pick them up.
If any bus student wants to avail parents’ pickup is asked to produce diary note by the parents. If not, the same confirmation is being taken on phone call.
The school has collected the information about the private-van drivers for safety measures. Those students are departed with duly attendance taken by the in-charge teachers.

First Aid Concerns:

“Safety Saves Sickness, Suffering And Sadness”.
In-house medical facility is available during all working days throughout the working hours of the school for students as well as staff in case of need.
Necessary first-aid and basic treatments are offered by trained medical staff.
In case of any sudden injury or sickness to the child, school has set up with fully equipped dispensary for first aid in the school.
A general medical check-up, Eye examination, Dental checkup, has organized every year with a feedback and guidance to the parents for an appropriate action.
School Counselor is in regular touch with parents whenever their ward requires guidance.

Safe School For Girls :
‘ Education is a human right and a powerful tool of empowerment, and schools are important space in which to built respectful relationship between boys and girls. ‘

As school is considered a second home for the students, BGSWS ensures a stress- free environment and nurtures the students.
All teachers are approachable and always ready to support and guide their students.
For a healthy mental and physical growth of girls theyare guidedthrough faculties.
Awareness programs are conducted separately for boys and girls.
“Prepare and Prevent, don’t repair and repent”.

We at BGSWS believe in above mentioned quote and in a team, we all work to ensure the safety of our students.

Mahalakshmipuram, Bengaluru

“Providing protection of every child in the school”

Child Safety Committee Members

  . Chairperson – Smt. Meena C Principal BGSWS.
  . Senior Teacher – Smt. Akshata Satyaprakash ,Higher Primary Teacher. 
  . Parent – Mr.Sudeendra M G Parent ,BGSWS . Smt.Deepa K.P, Parent , BGSWS.
  Student –
          . Boy: Prajwal Gowda, Grade VII “A”.
          . Girl:Sanika Jagdish, Grade VII “A”.